Conjugation dig oneself: past tense, present, future, participle | English verb conjugation


Other forms: dig/not dig oneself

In English, the conjugated forms are the same for the following persons: you, we and they.




  • I dig myself
  • you dig yourself
  • he/she/it digs himself/herself/itself
  • we dig ourselves
  • you dig yourselves
  • they dig themselves


  • I dug myself
  • you dug yourself
  • he/she/it dug himself/herself/itself
  • we dug ourselves
  • you dug yourselves
  • they dug themselves

Present continuous

  • I am digging myself
  • you are digging yourself
  • he/she/it is digging himself/herself/itself
  • we are digging ourselves
  • you are digging yourselves
  • they are digging themselves

Present perfect

  • I have dug myself
  • you have dug yourself
  • he/she/it has dug himself/herself/itself
  • we have dug ourselves
  • you have dug yourselves
  • they have dug themselves


  • I will dig myself
  • you will dig yourself
  • he/she/it will dig himself/herself/itself
  • we will dig ourselves
  • you will dig yourselves
  • they will dig themselves

Future perfect

  • I will have dug myself
  • you will have dug yourself
  • he/she/it will have dug himself/herself/itself
  • we will have dug ourselves
  • you will have dug yourselves
  • they will have dug themselves

Past continuous

  • I was digging myself
  • you were digging yourself
  • he/she/it was digging himself/herself/itself
  • we were digging ourselves
  • you were digging yourselves
  • they were digging themselves

Past perfect

  • I had dug myself
  • you had dug yourself
  • he/she/it had dug himself/herself/itself
  • we had dug ourselves
  • you had dug yourselves
  • they had dug themselves

Future continuous

  • I will be digging myself
  • you will be digging yourself
  • he/she/it will be digging himself/herself/itself
  • we will be digging ourselves
  • you will be digging yourselves
  • they will be digging themselves

Present perfect continuous

  • I have been digging myself
  • you have been digging yourself
  • he/she/it has been digging himself/herself/itself
  • we have been digging ourselves
  • you have been digging yourselves
  • they have been digging themselves

Past perfect continuous

  • I had been digging myself
  • you had been digging yourself
  • he/she/it had been digging himself/herself/itself
  • we had been digging ourselves
  • you had been digging yourselves
  • they had been digging themselves

Future perfect continuous

  • I will have been digging myself
  • you will have been digging yourself
  • he/she/it will have been digging himself/herself/itself
  • we will have been digging ourselves
  • you will have been digging yourselves
  • they will have been digging themselves


  • dig yourself
  • let's dig ourselves
  • dig yourselves



  • digging


  • dug


  • to dig

Perfect Participle

  • having dug
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