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Verb Conjugate
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Other forms
leap/not leap oneself


I leap myself
you leap yourself
he/she/it leaps himself/herself/itself
we leap ourselves
you leap yourselves
they leap themselves
I leaped myself
I leapt myself
you leaped yourself
you leapt yourself
he/she/it leaped himself/herself/itself
he/she/it leapt himself/herself/itself
we leaped ourselves
we leapt ourselves
you leaped yourselves
you leapt yourselves
they leaped themselves
they leapt themselves


to leap


leap yourself
let's leap ourselves
leap yourselves


In English, the conjugated forms are the same for the following persons: you, we and they.

Compound forms

Simple forms

Past participle

having leaped
having leapt
In English, the conjugated forms are the same for the following persons: you, we and they.


Present continuous
I am leaping myself
you are leaping yourself
he/she/it is leaping himself/herself/itself
we are leaping ourselves
you are leaping yourselves
they are leaping themselves
Present perfect
I have leaped myself
I have leapt myself
you have leaped yourself
you have leapt yourself
he/she/it has leaped himself/herself/itself
he/she/it has leapt himself/herself/itself
we have leaped ourselves
we have leapt ourselves
you have leaped yourselves
you have leapt yourselves
they have leaped themselves
they have leapt themselves
I will leap myself
you will leap yourself
he/she/it will leap himself/herself/itself
we will leap ourselves
you will leap yourselves
they will leap themselves
Future perfect
I will have leaped myself
I will have leapt myself
you will have leaped yourself
you will have leapt yourself
he/she/it will have leaped himself/herself/itself
he/she/it will have leapt himself/herself/itself
we will have leaped ourselves
we will have leapt ourselves
you will have leaped yourselves
you will have leapt yourselves
they will have leaped themselves
they will have leapt themselves

Past continuous

I was leaping myself
you were leaping yourself
he/she/it was leaping himself/herself/itself
we were leaping ourselves
you were leaping yourselves
they were leaping themselves

Past perfect

I had leaped myself
I had leapt myself
you had leaped yourself
you had leapt yourself
he/she/it had leaped himself/herself/itself
he/she/it had leapt himself/herself/itself
we had leaped ourselves
we had leapt ourselves
you had leaped yourselves
you had leapt yourselves
they had leaped themselves
they had leapt themselves

Future continuous

I will be leaping myself
you will be leaping yourself
he/she/it will be leaping himself/herself/itself
we will be leaping ourselves
you will be leaping yourselves
they will be leaping themselves

Present perfect continuous

I have been leaping myself
you have been leaping yourself
he/she/it has been leaping himself/herself/itself
we have been leaping ourselves
you have been leaping yourselves
they have been leaping themselves

Past perfect continuous

I had been leaping myself
you had been leaping yourself
he/she/it had been leaping himself/herself/itself
we had been leaping ourselves
you had been leaping yourselves
they had been leaping themselves

Future perfect continuous

I will have been leaping myself
you will have been leaping yourself
he/she/it will have been leaping himself/herself/itself
we will have been leaping ourselves
you will have been leaping yourselves
they will have been leaping themselves