FlagHebrew verbs conjugation

Hebrew Verb Conjugation

In Hebrew, you can type in infinitive forms such as "להתרגל", "לדבר", "לראות" … but also conjugated forms ("מתרגלים",
"ידברו", "ראיתי")

The conjugator recognizes Latin alphabet transliteration instead of Hebrew characters ("lehitragel", "ledaber", "lir’ot"). When viewing the search results, the transliterations option toggles the display of the equivalent in Latin letters under each verb form, and the variants option displays variant spellings and grammatical forms.

The conjugator uses conjugation rules for binyanim and verb models.

The info and tips section provides information about the primary conjugation rules for Hebrew verbs, grammatical information about how they are used and what meanings they can express.

If the text you have entered could correspond to more than one verb, the conjugator will list other possible matches as suggestions. It will also find the closest real verbs in Hebrew if you enter a verb with a spelling mistake.