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לְהִתְגַּעְגֵּעַ model in Hebrew conjugation


Verbs in binyan hitpa’el begin with הת- in past tense and מת- in present tense. They often have reflexive meaning; for example, להתגלח 'to shave (oneself)', להתנתק 'to disconnect (oneself); become disconnected'. Sometimes hitpa’el verbs have a reciprocal meaning (something done 'to each other'), as seen in verbs like להתכתב 'to correspond (by writing to each other)', להתווכח 'to argue (with each other)'.

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This page is designed to help you learn Hebrew verb conjugations.

Based on the ending, you can identify features that different verbs have in common. Click on the verbs above to see their conjugation tables and explore their conjugation patterns.