Conjugation of Spanish verbs with two past participles


In Spanish past participles can play two roles.

- As a verb form, it’s used in the perfect tenses with the auxiliaries haber and ser. In this case we use the first participle.

Se han hartado de calamares.

- As an adjective, it’s used alone or with the auxiliaries tener and estar. In this case we use the second participle.

Ya están hartos.

The verbs that do have double participles are listed below.
Participle (Adjective)
Participle absorbido
Participle (Adjective) absorto
Participle abstraído
Participle (Adjective) abstracto
Participle afligido
Participle (Adjective) aflicto
Participle ahitado
Participle (Adjective) ahíto
Participle atendido
Participle (Adjective) atento
Participle bendecido
Participle (Adjective) bendito
Participle bienquerido
Participle (Adjective) bienquiso
Participle circuncidado
Participle (Adjective) circunciso
Participle compelido
Participle (Adjective) compulso
Participle comprendido
Participle (Adjective) comprenso
Participle comprimido
Participle (Adjective) compreso
Participle concluido
Participle (Adjective) concluso
Participle confesado
Participle (Adjective) confeso
Participle confundido
Participle (Adjective) confuso
Participle consumido
Participle (Adjective) consunto
Participle contundido
Participle (Adjective) contuso
Participle convencido
Participle (Adjective) convicto
Participle corregido
Participle (Adjective) correcto
Participle corrompido
Participle (Adjective) corrupto
Participle despertado
Participle (Adjective) despierto
Participle desproveído
Participle (Adjective) desprovisto
Participle difundido
Participle (Adjective) difuso
Participle dividido
Participle (Adjective) diviso
Participle elegido
Participle (Adjective) electo
Participle enjugado
Participle (Adjective) enjuto
Participle excluido
Participle (Adjective) excluso
Participle eximido
Participle (Adjective) exento
Participle expelido
Participle (Adjective) expulso
Participle expresado
Participle (Adjective) expreso
Participle extendido
Participle (Adjective) extenso
Participle extinguido
Participle (Adjective) extinto
Participle fijado
Participle (Adjective) fijo
Participle freído
Participle (Adjective) frito
Participle hartado
Participle (Adjective) harto
Participle imprimido
Participle (Adjective) impreso
Participle incluido
Participle (Adjective) incluso
Participle incurrido
Participle (Adjective) incurso
Participle infundido
Participle (Adjective) infuso
Participle ingerido
Participle (Adjective) ingerto
Participle injertado
Participle (Adjective) injerto
Participle insertado
Participle (Adjective) inserto
Participle invertido
Participle (Adjective) inverso
Participle juntado
Participle (Adjective) junto
Participle maldecido
Participle (Adjective) maldito
Participle malquerido
Participle (Adjective) malquiso
Participle manifestado
Participle (Adjective) manifiesto
Participle manumitido
Participle (Adjective) manumiso
Participle marchitado
Participle (Adjective) marchito
Participle nacido
Participle (Adjective) nato
Participle omitido
Participle (Adjective) omiso
Participle oprimido
Participle (Adjective) opreso
Participle pasado
Participle (Adjective) paso
Participle poseído
Participle (Adjective) poseso
Participle prendido
Participle (Adjective) preso
Participle presumido
Participle (Adjective) presunto
Participle pretendido
Participle (Adjective) pretenso
Participle propendido
Participle (Adjective) propenso
Participle proveído
Participle (Adjective) provisto
Participle radiodifundido
Participle (Adjective) radiodifuso
Participle recluido
Participle (Adjective) recluso
Participle reimprimido
Participle (Adjective) reimpreso
Participle reinsertado
Participle (Adjective) reinserto
Participle retorcido
Participle (Adjective) retuerto
Participle rompido
Participle (Adjective) roto
Participle salpresado
Participle (Adjective) salpreso
Participle salvado
Participle (Adjective) salvo
Participle sepultado
Participle (Adjective) sepulto
Participle sobreimprimido
Participle (Adjective) sobreimpreso
Participle sofreído
Participle (Adjective) sofrito
Participle soltado
Participle (Adjective) suelto
Participle subdividido
Participle (Adjective) sudiviso
Participle substituido
Participle (Adjective) substituito
Participle sujetado
Participle (Adjective) sujeto
Participle suprimido
Participle (Adjective) supreso
Participle suspendido
Participle (Adjective) suspenso
Participle sustituido
Participle (Adjective) sustituto
Participle teñido
Participle (Adjective) tinto
Participle torcido
Participle (Adjective) tuerto
Participle torrefactado
Participle (Adjective) torrefacto